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Woody Inspirations

Ok, so I love natural wood. I am from the West Coast so it is sort of a given but lately I have felt so inspired by the people around me and what they are doing with the product. So I was at a Kite Boarding competition this weekend that my brother had helped organized. My brother and his friend had taken a log they found from the spit (the location of the race) and made it into the awards, what an awesome idea! I was sitting there all bundled up in wool and fleece with my brother's girlfriend and we got to talking about how great they would look as bracketless book shelves up a wall.

Then I came across this idea. Landscaping with cut tree rounds! I love way it looks and the indefinite border lines. I think this looks really beautiful.

Blogger Virgin

Welcome to my first Blog. I'll tell you a little bit about myself and what this blog is all about...

I am a Designer. Actually I am an Interior Designer but a lover of all things beautifuly created. This blog is going to explore all the design that I encounter and find quirky, beautiful, or thought provoking.

Stay tuned to experience some great design!