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Think Outside

This one level BC house is located in Wood Rock. Omer Arbel built this home for Randy Bishop, utilizing 100 year-old beams from warehouses owned by the Bishop family.  The house is a collection of angles, wood, glass and concrete. Creative, custom features like the mudroom shoe shelf shows attention to detail and a consideration of how the Bishops live in their home. The exterior windows in the living area are a series of accordion doors that can be pulled away to create a seamless effect between the indoor and outside space. The famous Bocci lights have been ‘sprinkled’ throughout the home to create a star-lit environment.

Photos by: Jason Schmidt
From: Dwell


Fashion Break

Yes Please! Michael Kors has done it again! These cognac riding boots are perfect for Vancouver's fall/winter weather. A birthday present to myself perhaps?


Tunnel Vision

Cool. Nobis House, Work/Live home near Munich, Germany. These ‘boathouse’ structures are common in the area but Nobis took a modern approach. I like the glowing platform that it rests (or appears to float) on as well as the repetitious tunnel affect that is visible by exposing the building’s bones and amplified by the consistent rhythm of lighting. The glass front and back allows visibility right through to the forest on the other side. Brilliant!
Architecture sourced from: the
Photos by: Roland Halbe.



Cherry blossoms only come out once a year. Designer Royce Pinkwater has encapsulated them forever by placing an original Amanda Weil photo on glass and installing it into the back wall of a soaker tub. She has created an outstanding view where there wasn’t one naturally.

Photo from House Beautiful


Mint and Milk Chocolate

This is a place you could do some serious cozying-up in. I love the photo view they used of this room; you can actually plot out where you would park yourself with a cup of peppermint cocoa and a good book on one of these fast approaching chilly days.
Designer Pat Healing of HB home, Photo by House Beautiful


Nature's Palette Re-Visited

A throwback to the last post, here is the mushroom and truffle palette coming to life! That lilac sofa is really doing it for me. I would ordinarily shy away from such a feminine colour on such a large piece, but when paired with these rustic, woodsy tones, it acts as the joie de vivre in the space! I like the mix of unexpected furniture pieces such as the chairs at the tulip table and the wrap-around, upholstered bench at the table nook.  What can I say? This space has got that certain “I don’t know what”.

Interior design by Royce Pinkwater
photos from House Beautiful


Nature's Palette

This feature caught my eye in the latest of House Beautiful and I wanted to impart the influence of a natural muse. Sometimes regular objects in your day-to-day life spark an interest. You take enjoyment in the way they look; the colours, the textures, or maybe the composition. This article has reminded me to take inspiration from the unordinary beauty in the world and incorporate it in my work. These particular fall colours are sitting very nice with me.

Photo from House Beautiful 


Maroon & Fuchsia

What a marvellous colour combo! I particularly like it when there is just a small hint of the fuchsia and let the maroon act as your neutral.  


All the Fuss on Faux Fur

Photo from DecorPad

Blair from Atlantic-Pacific Blog does it right

Since it seems to be creeping down into the lower temps, I have been increasingly more attracted to some of the cosier materials of autumn. Fur is a trend that is topping my lists. I love fur for both the home and for the street.


Into theWoods

Style at Home

twentyonetwo Design Inc

2e Designs

Bring the outdoors in with graphic trees. Tree motifs make for an interested backdrop in a modern interior. It is especially nice to incorporate either these decals or wallpaper into a space with few windows or outdoor views of trees.



This room by Designer Christian Leone has some serious impact. It takes a pretty bold designer to Lacquer an entire room (walls and ceiling) in this shocking poppy red.  I am intrigued by the masculine additions and interesting colour choices such as the powder blue sofa and pink details on the chairs. The crackled wood table is a pretty spectacular find and adds a geometric roughness to the living room.
All Photos from Lonny Mag


That 70's Vibe

 I love throwbacks to vintage design aesthetics. This wallpaper from SS Design will bring any small space to life but is definitely not for the faint of heart. People who may have lived through this decade may have a hard time embracing it as a fresh design idea, but those of us who have never had the chance to see forest green and flamingo pink come together on a patterned wall might think it is just fabulous!

Kemble and Burke

The room by Kemble and Burke is just as cool with a glamorous parlour appeal. The psychedelic wall treatment on the columns is picked up in the royal blue rug that grounds the room.


Dreamy and Personal

This home was designed by Lisa Sherry. It is so personal and comfortable, I feel like I could move right in. This is what I would strive for in my own home. I like all the found and collected art pieces, the casualness of the furniture placements and the cream on cream colour pallet. I feel like you could incorporate any loved item into this home flawlessly.  I especially like the visually grounding, black painted stair rails and the ever so inviting sunroom daybed. I would kill for a room that feels like it’s outdoors but that I could still enjoy during the long Vancouver “wet season”...

All photos from Lonny Mag


Map Quest

I have always been a huge fan of map wallpaper, large maps used as artwork and globes included as design accessories. I suppose it’s because I love to travel. I take pleasure in staring at the world and considering all the places I haven’t yet been. I also appreciate the colours and graphic aesthetic that a map can provide.  Designer David Flint Wood has taken the map wallpaper to a whole new level by including it as the backdrop to this striking washroom. The teal and blue colours are nicely offset with gold accents, creating an elegant, grownup appeal. This W/C is gorgeous enough to make a serious home-body into the biggest of travel-bugs.

All photos From Lonny Mag

Lonny Mag Profiles

I have been seriously enjoying the Sept/Oct issue of Lonny Mag and I wanted to share a few features with you.  I was starting to get a little bored with the same old design ideas that have been surfacing as of late, but the latest issue of Lonny has turned things around. A lot of quirky personalities are portrayed within these interiors and I am loving it. I’ll profile a few designers throughout the week. Stay tuned and enjoy!


Missoni For Target

Most of the things I wanted are already out of stock! They just released the line this morning.

Heather and Kory Sittin' in a Tree...

Heather and Kory’s Wedding

Kory and Heather were married on September 10th. A small ceremony was held at Cherry Point Vineyard on Vancouver Island followed by an outdoor party at their Duncan home. The party had it all; a slip-and-slide (that the bride tested out in her wedding dress) a band, a s’mores station at the campfire, a midnight hotdog BBQ and beer kegs. Here are a few shots of the events leading up to the wedding. Unfortunately, once the wedding started, I officially put away the camera. Hopefully the photographer captured some of the day’s events.

Duncan House setup...

Cherry Point Vineyard...

Spa, Brunch and Getting Ready...