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Getting there.

Kitchen cabinets are being installed this week!
We are getting close to completion; the floors will be all down, cabinets installed and countertops on their way. There are still bits and pieces to finish up but it is all really coming together. I’ll be over there this weekend to check out all the progress!

I love the Herringbone tile in the ensuite (one of my favorite parts of the house)

Floors are down painting is complete

(Sorry this one is sideways) My favorite little tiles in the whole house; Carrera Marble hexagons on the shower floor and back of nook!


C. Wonder

While we were enjoying our first few days in New York City, we did manage a little retail therapy (you know, to fight the jetlag and homesickness etc…). We stopped in at the glorious C.Wonder store in SoHo. I absolutely loved the design of this shop. It was theatrical and bold; a shopping experience. The brand was so clearly presented in the displays; it showcased the bold product designs rather than compete with them. This would be a dream retail project to have created. 

Check it out…

Gold ceiling drop. Green patterned tile. striped lacquered walls, gilded trims, Navy Baseboards = amazing

Recessed picture frame displays, just brilliant!

Loved all the bright home goods, get ready fo summa!

Green - Lacquered - pattern overload (love) - baubles for purchase

Nice work Amanda!
 Until next time...


Hearst, Elle Decor and the D&D

Tuesday May 22nd Elle Décor Modern Life Concept House 

After a lovely morning and breakfast at the Hearst Tower where we met the Kravet Family and had the pleasure of listening to the Editor in chief from both Veranda Magazine and House Beautiful Magazine (Dara Caponigro Newell Turner respectively) we moved on to the Elle Décor Concept House. It was rather cramped and I think it would have been more enjoyable (and easier to appreciate) if there had been less of us in there at one time. I did manage, however to capture some of the beautifully designed spaces. Check them out below!

cool outdoor living space

She Matches he shorts to her room!

yes, it was that crazy busy

Love these colours and shapes!

Wallpaper wrapped right over the window sill


Kips Bay...Drool

Like I said, this was one of my favorite part of Blogfest. It was just so incredible to see all of these amazing designs come together in one spectacular masterpiece of a house.  Each room revealed new surprises, design ideas that I could only dream of and enough eye candy to develop type II diabetes.  We had the opportunity to speak directly with the designers of each room; find out their inspiration, the challenges they faced (um… how about that they completed the whole project in only 4 weeks!!!) and specific questions about the products and applications they used within their space. 

I really don’t think I need to say much more about this, the photo’s speak for themselves.
Lacquered Dresser, wood paneled walls and Berber carpet wall-to-wall. Yup! 

Love how feminine this rooms is. I would like to curl up with some tea.

wrapping the interior column with wallpaper; smart.

hand painted walls - 4 weeks people!!
love the muting pallet
pull the shelf right though into the shower stall. It made for such clean lines

I like how casual and comfortable this room is; the pictures leaned against the cabinet


Awesome Wall finish-great colour combo

gotta love well merchandised open shelving.
seriously loving the green grasscloth

This room has so much colour, yet it isn't at all overwhelming

I like that they painted the shelving the same colour as the walls.

This room was definitely at the top of my list

such a cool 'gentleman's study'

If you would like more information of the glorious designers or on Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club look here


Better Late than Never... BLOGFEST

I have been procrastinating putting up this post. I don’t know why! I have so many remarkable photos and I had such an amazing experience that I want to share with everyone. I guess I just don’t know where to start. I figure I’d better just dive in…

Blogfest 2012 in New York City was an amazing, inspiring and draining experience ;-) I met so many wonderful blogging personalities and designers from all over the USA and a few from Canada. We were exposed to incredible panels of talented designers and editors. I came back feeling absolutely enthused and exhausted at the same time. 

I’m going to do this in the order of events... get ready (I'll keep it very summarized, promise.)

Day 1.) Monday May 21st
Arrival to NYC and attendance at the ICFF (international Contemporary Furniture Fair)
Amanda Swanlund, Myself and Nicole Copko taking in the HUGE list of exhibitors.

These guys are made from corrugated cardboard! So refined...

Hardware - It's all in the details

Pretty Little Things By Jonathan Adler

Love these Pedal Tables: Jonathan Adler
Up Next: Kips Bay Decorator Show House (my very favorite part!) stay tuned...