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Art Deco and The Machine Age

I have really been in to this era as of late and am making it my mission to bring back the glory of the roaring 20’s!

There were so many great things going on in the design world at this time, it seems appropriate to go back and pay homage to all things Deco. To me, Deco is glamour, adventure, pattern and graphic motif. 

Art Deco came to North America thanks to the invention and development of planes, trains and automobiles. The movement got its start over in France. Starting with Art Nouveau and developing into Art Deco. The discovery of ancient cultures such as Mayan, Greek and Egyptian uncovered interesting pattern and motif that we see even in today’s designs. 

I believe art deco has a place in our current design trends. You have probably already seen a few of these influences tossed about many interior spaces and not even realized what decade was inspiring the design. 

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