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Feather Rug

Lotus Mirror

Lotus Mirror (detail)

Malibu Chandelier

Horn Nesting Bowls

I found a great place to buy Home Goods, Serena and Lily. They have interesting pieces at reasonable prices. Above are some of my favorites; pink and army green rug (herringbone pattern = love), wood with gold detail mirror, beaded chandelier, and a set of 3 gold rimmed horn bowls. These are the little details that can make your home sing. Great gift ideas as well; the bowls would be perfect for a gift basket, only $78 for all three!



This Manhattan apartment is bold and saturated. Designer Miles Reed used the same colour intensity in all the spaces, allowing him to play with many different Hues. The dark walls in the living space (Farrow and Ball’s Hague Blue) make a perfect backdrop for the punches of fuchsia, Kelly green, orange and Aqua blue. I have a serious love affair with herringbone patterned floors (ah, one day…) so those glossy wood floors are a seller for me. I am also really inspired by the gold hobnail, green leather doors; I’ve never seen that done before and it really works! I pretty much just love how brave an elegant this space is. I think the only thing I would change here is the alllll green kitchen. It was a courageous move (props) but I think I may have picked a bit more contrast and variation.
Photos Via: House Beautiful



The Pearl Waterfall, Jiuzhaigou Valley, China

The Gardens at Marqueyssac

Riomaggiore, Italy

Rice Field Terraces in Yunnan, China

Look to your environment. Exquisiteness is all over the globe; take inspiration from colours and shapes. You can translate these arrangements and images into your interiors and designs.
All photos Via: The Cool Hunter-Lifestyles


Peachy Keen

This week I went to go check out my friend and fellow designer’s Christmas tree at The Sutton Hotel. Amanda Swanlund from Twenty One Two Design Inc. took a cue from her corporate colour (orange) and put together a feminine, super sparkly, peach and gold tree. The tree was brimming with all the right touches; feather birds, matte-gold balls, jewels and glittered pine cones. My very favorite part was how she wrapped the presents for under the tree! The paper (from The Cross) is amazing!


The Floating Estate

This is the Numptia Super Yacht. It is opulent, detailed, and luxurious. Achille Salvagni from Salvagni Architetti designed the interior sparing no expense or detail. Custom hardware, Marble and Quartz flooring, and hand-woven silk carpets from Tibet adorn the space. All the walls and ceilings are clad in wood veneer; there is not a surface in the space that has not been thought of and addressed. I am most impressed with the thoughtful lighting throughout the boat. Each built-in bookshelf or ceiling-grade change has been highlighting with subtle lighting details. Yup, I would move in!
Photos Via: The Cool Hunter


From de Netherlands

This is the Villa Veth From Hattem, Netherlands. This is an ultra-minimal and modern home for a family of 4. Architect Liong Lie from 123DV Architects designed the home with wrap around glass, integrating the indoor with the outdoor, even in the chilly months! The kitchen features an induction stove top. The surface is cool to the touch until it interacts with metal, very smart design when there are kids around.
Photos Via: The Cool Hunter


Weekend (starting a little early)

This weekend I head to Tofino for my mom’s birthday. We will be catching a few waves, enjoying some delicious food, watching storms from behind glass, perched in our suite at the Blackrock Resort and of course, stopping by the Tofitian coffee house to warm our bones after a day in the pacific.

Here’s to a wet and stormy West Coast weekend.

Photo of Blackrock Resort via official website


The Cross Christmas Party

I attended The Cross’s Christmas party last night and boy, was there some great eye candy! I could have walked away with just about one of each item in that store; I don’t know why I don’t visit more often. I took so many photos of things I love, there is really no rhyme or reason to this blog post other than it’s Christmas-y and they are images of all things I would adore to have as my own (or given the Christmas spirit, things I would love to gift to special friends). So here are some snaps I wanted to share with you. 

Starting with: General Decor (a few Christmas inspired bits may have snuck in there too)...

This Bombay Styled pendant lamp is amazing, the detail is superb!

White lacy ceramic and crystal, can't go wrong.

Great cut-away mirror as a backdrop to a vignette.
Love the marble and gold gild table, the chain-link mirror frame and all up against the brick wall. perfection.

And now some Christmas Decor...

Classic Christmas colour combo; red and white. I like the ladder display!

How adorable.

Usually not one for white trees, but the gold here makes it kind of fantastic.

Those striped ribbons have inspired me for my own tree...stay tuned for that bad boy.

And last but not least, the perfect Christmas prezzies! 

Perfect gift for someone who likes it 'on the rocks'. These are ice cubes that are actually made of stone. Keeps your drink chilly without diluting it with water. Cool. (I know, I'm clever...)

Adorable bracelet from 'skinny jewelry' (more of this stuff to come) Amanda from TwentyOneTwo Design Inc. picked herself up a fishy one (the fish represents wealth!)

Little silver cream and sugar set. Just cause.

Best. Candles. Ever.  

So many perfect little picture frames. My girlfriend gave me one a few years back with a picture of us (having a food fight after attempting to bake) and I have really treasured it. It's a very special gift. 

and just in case Santa reads my blog...
Thanks to The Cross for the great party!