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I came across this little gem, Bungalow5.They have some very lovely home items, but alas, based out of New York City....

Here are a few of my fav items…


That's Dark

I love a good, dark room. A dark backdrop adds instant drama and makes almost any item you put in the space, a little bit more special. I think there are certain rooms that lend themselves to the dark side better than others; a den or study, a small washroom, or a dining room work great with moody colours. However, I usually prefer kitchens, living spaces, master washrooms and bedrooms (this one is kind of a wild card) done brighter and lighter. What do you think?
Style at Home

Elle Decor

Kelly Deck Designs

Tommy Smythe


Psst, I've Got a Secret

Ok, I wanted to share this very cool little concept; an underground restaurant located in Vancouver. The Birds Nest is a Supper Club that serves brunch, high tea and dinner out of a cozy little home. It seats 14 and has had great reviews. This is a ‘must check out’ for me. See you there!

Photos via: The Bird's Nest Website



In Store at Alice Lane: these rustic little fabric cubes. Fun Patterns, unfussy seams and textural fabrics make these guys a stand-out for ‘bonus’ seating in a room. Tuck these under a coffee table for a little interest and a place to seat extra guests. Perfect for a project I’m currently working on…


Pit Stop

Who-da thunk it? Take a brick, tunnel building, add some (4 tones to be exact) rubber tires,  glamorous lighting and there you have it, a chic boutique. That’s how merchant, Bow Berlin did it. The Berlin designer, Neels Kattentidt kept the old railway building as it was and added an unexpected display for leather goods and jewelry. 

ImagesVia: The cool Hunter



The Smeg Oven by Marc Newson – I love anything that comes in rainbow colours…I don’t think I’m alone in this.



Gold hardware, vintage details and killer marble in a white kitchen is pretty much what it takes to have me swooning.

I am officially in love with the details from Christine’s (Bijou and Boheme blog) kitchen. From what I can see, it looks spectacular! I can’t wait to view the photos from the recent shoot; the images should be grazing one of my all-time favorite design magazines, Style at Home. I will be standing by.

Photos via: Bijou and Boheme Blog


Where Louboutin Lazes

OK, we all love the shoes right, now we get a peek into Christian’s leisure pad. Christian Louboutin takes his down-time (away from creating fabulous kicks) at and Egyptian desert, Aswan.  The vacation home is rustic, edited and well suited to the environment. I have to say though…I’m I the only one that’s surprised by his choice of decor?

I think I was expecting a little more glamour, but this place is pretty cool none the less! 
Photos Via: Elle Decor


Looking down...Feet?

I was scanning through pictures today and apparently I take a lot of photos of my feet… strange but the distorted angle looks kinda cool! I liked all the different colours and textures of the ground!


Getting there...

Esquimalt Living Room is so close to completion, just a few more elements including wallpaper, moldings and a pretty cool pendant before I can expose the whole room. Here are some sneak-peak detail shots for now…



Pendant lights are an opportunity to add a little glamour or impact to your space. It’s a chance to fill the empty space in the room with an item that can be admired from all angles. It provides appropriate task light to work surfaces and can even ground a furniture arrangement. When I’m designing projects, I always make sure there is enough in the budget for some knockout pendant lighting!

This is a different approach to the kitchen island lighting; use one large globe instead of the standard sets of 2 or 3.

This glitzy chandelier is in perfect contrast to the roughness of the farmhouse dining table. This dining room is ready for glamorous diner party or a bacon-and-eggs weekend breakfast; love that!

Here is an example is a living room. Some people may be afraid to add this to their space but as you can see it adds a grounding element to the furniture and draws the eye upward. This one is HUGE and a perfect pairing with the warmth and texture in the rug.

Here are some matte-black beauties! How luxurious do these look? The gold interior reflects a nice warm light.
Photos via: Benjamin Dhong designs, Nuevo Estilo, Thomas Bucich, Vok Design Group, Elle Decor


The Doors

Nope, I’m not talking about the band. This is an art installation of 1,000 doors by Korean artist Choi Jeong-Hwa. He used a plethora of discarded doors for an art installation located in Seoul. I like all the different colours and variety of the doors. Some of those would look really cool installed back into a home… I wonder what is going to happen with the pieces once it is disassembled.



A new trend in canopy beds; forgo the frame and hang fabric directly from the ceiling. You don’t need to go out and purchase a new bed frame and since the panels go right to the ceiling, there is no dust trap to worry about!

This one is the most simple and casual of the bunch. The large curtain rings lend itself to an almost nautical vibe. The deep blue against this stark room is lovely.

I like the like the more traditional top panels in this example. I also really like the natural pallet. These vaulted ceilings caused the need for a chain suspension solution; I think the hardware adds to the beauty!

This guy is my favorite; it is simple and dreamy. The colours are so subdued; this is a perfect place to unwind.

This example just goes to show that you don’t need a large room to take advantage of this design idea. The full height of the canopy actually makes the space appear large! PS: I really like how they used the wheat colour in the crown moulding… and it doesn`t match the base board; an unexpected detail.


This or That

What I considered wearing for my New Year’s Celebration

What I actually wore for my New Year’s Celebration!