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A new trend in canopy beds; forgo the frame and hang fabric directly from the ceiling. You don’t need to go out and purchase a new bed frame and since the panels go right to the ceiling, there is no dust trap to worry about!

This one is the most simple and casual of the bunch. The large curtain rings lend itself to an almost nautical vibe. The deep blue against this stark room is lovely.

I like the like the more traditional top panels in this example. I also really like the natural pallet. These vaulted ceilings caused the need for a chain suspension solution; I think the hardware adds to the beauty!

This guy is my favorite; it is simple and dreamy. The colours are so subdued; this is a perfect place to unwind.

This example just goes to show that you don’t need a large room to take advantage of this design idea. The full height of the canopy actually makes the space appear large! PS: I really like how they used the wheat colour in the crown moulding… and it doesn`t match the base board; an unexpected detail.

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