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Art Deco and The Machine Age

I have really been in to this era as of late and am making it my mission to bring back the glory of the roaring 20’s!

There were so many great things going on in the design world at this time, it seems appropriate to go back and pay homage to all things Deco. To me, Deco is glamour, adventure, pattern and graphic motif. 

Art Deco came to North America thanks to the invention and development of planes, trains and automobiles. The movement got its start over in France. Starting with Art Nouveau and developing into Art Deco. The discovery of ancient cultures such as Mayan, Greek and Egyptian uncovered interesting pattern and motif that we see even in today’s designs. 

I believe art deco has a place in our current design trends. You have probably already seen a few of these influences tossed about many interior spaces and not even realized what decade was inspiring the design. 


Sleek Melbourne Style

This house in Toorak, Melbourne is just too cool. The building was designed by Inarc Architecture (Interior design consultation by Allison Pye Interiors). They call it the ‘shrouded House’ because of its angled exterior faces clad in bronzed aluminum battens. To me, the coolest part of the house is the way the tinted glass reflects the sky. It creates an ever changing art fa├žade.

Images Via: The cool Hunter


Guest Post: 60’s inspired Interiors

Hello! I’m Jessica, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a website and blog with a wonderful selection of affordable lighting fixtures from kitchen lights to under cabinet lights, and interior design inspirations every day! I’m delighted to be guest posting for 2e Designs! Today I'd like to share a collection of fun living rooms featuring swanky 60s style. 1960's interior designs were all about bold colors, crisp geometric shapes and sleek curving lines. And let's not forget, shag carpets and plastic furniture! I hope you enjoy these rooms as much as I do!

60s Swank Stark geometric lines draw the eye to every corner of the room in this very chic 60s inspired living room. Wood paneling and wall of intricate brass fills the room with rich natural textures.

60s Swank Shag carpet, check. Shaggy floor pillows, check. This bright and airy living room showcases a relaxed boho style that was very popular in the 1960s.

60s Swank Bold patterns and polished wood furniture clash in a fun, unexpected way in this living room. Plenty of mirrors help make the room feel more spacious, as well.

60s Swank A bright, mustard yellow makes this vignette pop, while the chic modern furniture and art are the perfect 60s era pieces. The brassy floor lamp adds in more geometric lines.

60s Swank The velvety avocado sofa makes a great textural contrast against the brick wall. Fresh greenery and an iconic shag carpet complete this cozy, swanky living room.

60s Swank The very modern stools and the minimal, geometric fireplace are as popular today as they would be in the 1960s. A star burst mirror gives a nod to the space age trends of the 60s as well.

60s Swank This incredibly spacious living room features a sunken seating area that was particularly popular in the 60s. Skylights and recessed lighting help keep the room feeling open and airy.

60s Swank Orange red and avocado are an iconic 1960s color combo. The tufted leather chaise longue is another iconic piece of furniture from the 60s.  Images 1 | 2 | 3 |4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of 60s style? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to stop by Arcadian Lighting for a cool, swanky lamp or pendant light of your own!


Copy Cat

I came across this post on The Cross’ blog and it was just so right up my alley I had to ‘borrow’ it.  

It’s a lakefront retreat in Massachusetts (photos Via: The Boston Globe, found and brought to my attention by: Megan at The Cross)

Come and enjoy the spender!

It’s a perfect little farmhouse inspired getaway on the lake. The exterior is quaint; I like the little square windows and metal siding.

The staircase is the stunner in the interior. It’s warm and a bit rustic but the simplicity of the design keeps it modern and architectural. I seriously love the square windows at the landing.

The wood beams on white walls and ceilings are amazing; so full of light. The mix of a tufted (seriously, tufting is such a classic beauty), shag and mid-century modern elements showcase the simple, refined design here.

The bathroom was a very interesting choice and I love it. It is so amazing when you can take a chance with a wild pattern (this paper can also be purchased at The Cross)

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