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Better Late than Never... BLOGFEST

I have been procrastinating putting up this post. I don’t know why! I have so many remarkable photos and I had such an amazing experience that I want to share with everyone. I guess I just don’t know where to start. I figure I’d better just dive in…

Blogfest 2012 in New York City was an amazing, inspiring and draining experience ;-) I met so many wonderful blogging personalities and designers from all over the USA and a few from Canada. We were exposed to incredible panels of talented designers and editors. I came back feeling absolutely enthused and exhausted at the same time. 

I’m going to do this in the order of events... get ready (I'll keep it very summarized, promise.)

Day 1.) Monday May 21st
Arrival to NYC and attendance at the ICFF (international Contemporary Furniture Fair)
Amanda Swanlund, Myself and Nicole Copko taking in the HUGE list of exhibitors.

These guys are made from corrugated cardboard! So refined...

Hardware - It's all in the details

Pretty Little Things By Jonathan Adler

Love these Pedal Tables: Jonathan Adler
Up Next: Kips Bay Decorator Show House (my very favorite part!) stay tuned...

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  1. Loved meeting you at Blogfest 2012! I didn't make it to ICFF. so thanks for the picks and photos! Love the Jonathan Adler. Hope you will "visit" me at MS Design Maven soon. Look forward to seeing your recap of Kips Bay. Cheers, from Mississippi!