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Kips Bay...Drool

Like I said, this was one of my favorite part of Blogfest. It was just so incredible to see all of these amazing designs come together in one spectacular masterpiece of a house.  Each room revealed new surprises, design ideas that I could only dream of and enough eye candy to develop type II diabetes.  We had the opportunity to speak directly with the designers of each room; find out their inspiration, the challenges they faced (um… how about that they completed the whole project in only 4 weeks!!!) and specific questions about the products and applications they used within their space. 

I really don’t think I need to say much more about this, the photo’s speak for themselves.
Lacquered Dresser, wood paneled walls and Berber carpet wall-to-wall. Yup! 

Love how feminine this rooms is. I would like to curl up with some tea.

wrapping the interior column with wallpaper; smart.

hand painted walls - 4 weeks people!!
love the muting pallet
pull the shelf right though into the shower stall. It made for such clean lines

I like how casual and comfortable this room is; the pictures leaned against the cabinet


Awesome Wall finish-great colour combo

gotta love well merchandised open shelving.
seriously loving the green grasscloth

This room has so much colour, yet it isn't at all overwhelming

I like that they painted the shelving the same colour as the walls.

This room was definitely at the top of my list

such a cool 'gentleman's study'

If you would like more information of the glorious designers or on Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club look here

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