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Same Taste

It’s so great when your client has the same taste as you. I think it’s a good sign if you, as the designer, would be quite happy moving into their home…even if it is just conceptual at this point.


Run for it!

Hard wood stairs make for nasty slips and painful falls especially with little ones in the home. This traditional stair solution is making a strong comeback and I’m on board. I like how you can add a little interest AND a little safety with an easy, replaceable piece of carpet or durable fabric.

Canadian House and Home
  I like this one because of the bold interjection of colour (Kelly Green of course!). The black wainscoting is absolutely stunning here as well.

Coastal Living
You can never go wrong with a stripe. This looks fresh and classic.

Via: House of Turqoise blog
  A little graphic in a neutral colour is a nice touch here. (and check out that window seat!)

Via: The Marion Book Blog
  I am in love with the boldness of this honeycomb pattern. I also really like the business of the gallery wall up the stairs. They kept this look cohesive by sticking all within the same tones.

Via: SweetChaosHome Blog
  This is perfect and classic by using a single stripe on either side. Where can I get a light like that?!

Kelly Wearstler
Oh Kelly, you are my hero. That wallpaper is just too amazing. My favorite part about this is the gold hardware that keeps the stair runner in place. You could use that idea with a less bold pattern if it isn’t to your taste. I would look for a neutral Berber with a stripe and use those same gold bars.


A Seat with a View

I love window seats. I have never had one of my own but I am always drawn to their cozy, yet light-filled appeal. One day I’ll build one of these puppies into my own home, but for now, I’ll just drool over these ones.

This unique shape makes a window seat into more of a social area. I love all the cushions.

This one is to die for; a window seat on steroids. I could spend my whole day there. All I need is coffee and my laptop.

That view and those arching windows!

This is a modern twist to the window seat. The L-shaped wood detail distinguishes the space and the box is set super far out from the house line to allow maximum light.

A window seat like this is so special. Located at the landing of a staircase; it’s the perfect little getaway and a chance to play with colour and pattern.

All Photos via. Apartment Therapy


Home in Rio de Janeiro

This is the Itiquira House, designed by Brazilian Architect, Gisele Taranto. The home is a fusion of indoor/outdoor space. It is clean and the furnishings have been carefully selected so not take away from the architectural features. A mixture of wood, natural stone and white walls have been used. There have also been some copper elements added as exterior features and washroom accents. Copper ages with a natural patina, this oxidation will add warmth, texture and colour with time.  Indoor and outdoor spaces fuse together and the I-beam and glass overhang provide weather protection for the outdoor living room and dining room. The washroom boasts a large, glass shower room and floor to ceiling marble. The windows are also floor to ceiling, making it feel like you are showering in the jungle’s tree tops. The hot-tub’s water comes level to the floor, which then open into a private patio, garden room.

All photos from: The cool hunter


PINK! and A Photo Blogger to Follow

These picture are all from Janis Nicolay, a Vancouver based Photographer and publisher of the Pinecone Camp blog. I fell in love with her work a little while ago and am always inspired by her posts. The home shown here is owned by Carol Dey. It was designed by Peter Wilds and featured in the #5 issue of Anthology.

I love pink! I love how much and how many shades have been incorporated here. These spaces are so eclectic and tell a story of travel and collection. The brick wall and white floors act as a tonal backdrop to the wild colour combos and textural integration.  I can tell that a lot of these pieces of furniture have been found and then given a new life with paint and fabric. The photos have beautifully captured this one-of-a-kind dwelling!
All photo by Janis Nicolay via Pinecone Camp blog


Depends how you look at it

Someone posted this photo on Facebook today and I thought it was very clever; I had to share. The colour and light is so serene and beautiful. Enjoy.


Pop in to Zara

Zara is great for affordable, interesting designs. Here are some looks that may inspire my winter ensembles. I have always been a turtleneck girl, so the white with the patterned skirt style is a go to for me. The next outfit is absolutely fabulous for a night out; lacy shorts, bold patterned shirt and that amazing feather handbag! The last look is an easy, jeans and blouse combo. They’ve made it current with the bell bottom silhouette and the contrasting black and white shirt.

Below are some finds that I am just in love with. The quilted Anorak Jacket is perfect. It looks warm and comfortable but the glossy texture elevated the style and makes it look ‘biker tough’. Next is the blue messenger bag; perfect proportions, ladylike detailing but then wow, that amazing blue. This is an eye catching piece that adds excitement to any outfit!


In the Market for...

Gold flatware!

Crate & Barrel

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus

Target (Shya I know!)

Lovely Table Setting Via: Mercier Beaucoup Blog

I am on the hunt for some gorgeous gold Flatware as shown above. When it comes to metallic, I am a gold person all the way. I like the way it looks with most colours, black and white, and especially wood tones! I would adore to set my table with these glitzy little treasures; jewelry of the table. I think I would have a hard time putting them back in a drawer though. These puppies would have to have a permanent spot on display somewhere!


Happy December!

Now I can feel a bit better about being so Christmas-Crazy this year. Bring on the festivities, party dresses, gingerbread, eggnog, sparkly lights, holy, green, red, gold and anything else that you can think of!  ‘tis the Season!
all photos via Martha Stewart