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Hard wood stairs make for nasty slips and painful falls especially with little ones in the home. This traditional stair solution is making a strong comeback and I’m on board. I like how you can add a little interest AND a little safety with an easy, replaceable piece of carpet or durable fabric.

Canadian House and Home
  I like this one because of the bold interjection of colour (Kelly Green of course!). The black wainscoting is absolutely stunning here as well.

Coastal Living
You can never go wrong with a stripe. This looks fresh and classic.

Via: House of Turqoise blog
  A little graphic in a neutral colour is a nice touch here. (and check out that window seat!)

Via: The Marion Book Blog
  I am in love with the boldness of this honeycomb pattern. I also really like the business of the gallery wall up the stairs. They kept this look cohesive by sticking all within the same tones.

Via: SweetChaosHome Blog
  This is perfect and classic by using a single stripe on either side. Where can I get a light like that?!

Kelly Wearstler
Oh Kelly, you are my hero. That wallpaper is just too amazing. My favorite part about this is the gold hardware that keeps the stair runner in place. You could use that idea with a less bold pattern if it isn’t to your taste. I would look for a neutral Berber with a stripe and use those same gold bars.

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