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A Seat with a View

I love window seats. I have never had one of my own but I am always drawn to their cozy, yet light-filled appeal. One day I’ll build one of these puppies into my own home, but for now, I’ll just drool over these ones.

This unique shape makes a window seat into more of a social area. I love all the cushions.

This one is to die for; a window seat on steroids. I could spend my whole day there. All I need is coffee and my laptop.

That view and those arching windows!

This is a modern twist to the window seat. The L-shaped wood detail distinguishes the space and the box is set super far out from the house line to allow maximum light.

A window seat like this is so special. Located at the landing of a staircase; it’s the perfect little getaway and a chance to play with colour and pattern.

All Photos via. Apartment Therapy

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