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Bowen Weekend Getaway

My boyfriend's parents just built a home on Bowen Island. It’s almost complete and since they left the country, we decided to have our own little vacation from the city to their waterfront home! After a stormy ferry ride and a windy night, we woke up to the most beautiful sunny day. A trip up to Artisan Square filled us up with delicious brunch at the Bowen Bistro, followed by chocolates from Cocoa West Chocolatier and finally a requisite trip to Wren Boutique(where I was treated to the limited edition red-quilted Hunter boots!)
Other than our trips to gorge on gourmet food (and a walk through the forest to digest) we spend most of our time cozied up inside enjoying the views and some good books.
Here are some photos I took over the weekend...

Ferry Ride:

Inside Shots:
Outdoor Views:
Artisan Square:
Photos By fellow Interior Designer Jan(last name unknown) found on Trip Advisor -- Beautiful! I forgot my camera when I was at the square but I wanted to share ;)
*Hunter Boots by others


Just came across this Beauty...

Lucite Faucet with Vase, this is spectacular!

By: Hego Water Design, Italy

Purple and Gold

Just for fun!

Purple Bag (Coach) surprisingly goes with everything!
Mac Lipstick (impassioned) with assorted vintage jewellery
Purple Room by - Design Mine
Glass Tile - Unknown manufacturer
Benjamin Moore Purple paint swatches
Samples, Swatches and Accessories
Close up of above
Purple Room by - Patricia Gray



Patterns, Colors and Textures...

A little Friday inspiration. Rooms that pile on the goods; pattern, color and texture.


Jean Paul Gaultier got together with Roch Bobois to create a line of home furnishings. I'm diggin' the mixing of pattern and the low seating design. It's very casual but in a room with elegant moulding, high ceilings and windows, and that jet black, high gloss floor, the overall look is luxurious.

This fuchsia wall adds the right amount of drama to balance the stark white and damask sofa. I love the unexpected addition of the warn, blue rug below and the red industrial shelving. Breaking the rules in this case was genius.

Black and White is a classic. The style looks especially sharp with the use of bold lines. High contrast stripes and geometric pattern along with some sparkle introduced in the Lucite tables and chrome lamp bases are what make this room a stand-out.

I love the acid yellow on the wall of this room. The very modern and bold color has been softened here by architectural elements like the moulding and the layering of textures. The sisal rug brings a natural element to the room and the bamboo inspired table (I absolutely love this piece!) grounds the space. The light has been filtered through soft patterned curtains and a scalloped valance.

Black walls!! It creates such a dense feeling in a room and allows everything to pop. Colors have a whole new life when placed against a black backdrop. This fireplace surround would never have the impact it does here on any other coloured wall. I especially love that they carried the black right onto the floor but kept the ceiling bright white. The large crown mouldings almost allow the ceiling to wrap down into the room.
In the second room they have used a lighter floor material, added pattern to the ceiling and introduced a new color on the door. I think I would have carried that blue into the backs of the bookshelves for a little more interest! The little shell bookcase lights are very sweet and unique; I like how they tie in with the table pendant.

Last is this little palate of tiles I wanted to share. I am in love with #4. This Herringbone tile pattern would look amazing in a kitchen or bathroom!

Pics from:Style at Home Mag and Interior Design Mag


Wait I'm not Done...

4. Pink Dresses at the Golden Globes A La Claire Danes, Emma Stone, and Lea Michele
5. Purdy new designs for the spines of Penguin Classics!
6. Pretty little Glass lights from Studio Bel Vetro

Things that are making me Happy Now!

1. Gold, Black and Animal Print
2. Tea Parties and Netflix
3. Inspiring Designers


Bubble Lamp Collection

I bet everyone has owned, or at least knows someone who has owned a version (or a knock-off) of this lamp. The Bubble Lamps by American Designer George Nelson are one of the most lasting designs from the Mid-Century era.

The Bubble Lamp collection was designed in 1947 for Howard Miller. Nelson never actually gave a name to each of the lamp shapes but instead identified them by numbers. For example the saucer lamp was sold as “Bubble Lamp H-727”. The lamps came with accessories like a tripod base, swing arms and an adjustable pulley system to name a few.

The lamps were constructed from lightweight steel, then covered in a translucent plastic. The effect was a casting of soft, pleasant, even lighting.