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Bowen Weekend Getaway

My boyfriend's parents just built a home on Bowen Island. It’s almost complete and since they left the country, we decided to have our own little vacation from the city to their waterfront home! After a stormy ferry ride and a windy night, we woke up to the most beautiful sunny day. A trip up to Artisan Square filled us up with delicious brunch at the Bowen Bistro, followed by chocolates from Cocoa West Chocolatier and finally a requisite trip to Wren Boutique(where I was treated to the limited edition red-quilted Hunter boots!)
Other than our trips to gorge on gourmet food (and a walk through the forest to digest) we spend most of our time cozied up inside enjoying the views and some good books.
Here are some photos I took over the weekend...

Ferry Ride:

Inside Shots:
Outdoor Views:
Artisan Square:
Photos By fellow Interior Designer Jan(last name unknown) found on Trip Advisor -- Beautiful! I forgot my camera when I was at the square but I wanted to share ;)
*Hunter Boots by others

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  1. Hi there, Your photos are great and your eye for composition is excellent. My name is Jan and I am an interior designer too. I am flattered that you used my Artisan Square Art Center and Chocolate Cafe photos. I have photographed all over Bowen and especially love the spring bloom. These 2 photos were taken in May of was beautiful that spring.