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Home in Rio de Janeiro

This is the Itiquira House, designed by Brazilian Architect, Gisele Taranto. The home is a fusion of indoor/outdoor space. It is clean and the furnishings have been carefully selected so not take away from the architectural features. A mixture of wood, natural stone and white walls have been used. There have also been some copper elements added as exterior features and washroom accents. Copper ages with a natural patina, this oxidation will add warmth, texture and colour with time.  Indoor and outdoor spaces fuse together and the I-beam and glass overhang provide weather protection for the outdoor living room and dining room. The washroom boasts a large, glass shower room and floor to ceiling marble. The windows are also floor to ceiling, making it feel like you are showering in the jungle’s tree tops. The hot-tub’s water comes level to the floor, which then open into a private patio, garden room.

All photos from: The cool hunter

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