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Pop in to Zara

Zara is great for affordable, interesting designs. Here are some looks that may inspire my winter ensembles. I have always been a turtleneck girl, so the white with the patterned skirt style is a go to for me. The next outfit is absolutely fabulous for a night out; lacy shorts, bold patterned shirt and that amazing feather handbag! The last look is an easy, jeans and blouse combo. They’ve made it current with the bell bottom silhouette and the contrasting black and white shirt.

Below are some finds that I am just in love with. The quilted Anorak Jacket is perfect. It looks warm and comfortable but the glossy texture elevated the style and makes it look ‘biker tough’. Next is the blue messenger bag; perfect proportions, ladylike detailing but then wow, that amazing blue. This is an eye catching piece that adds excitement to any outfit!

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