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Copy Cat

I came across this post on The Cross’ blog and it was just so right up my alley I had to ‘borrow’ it.  

It’s a lakefront retreat in Massachusetts (photos Via: The Boston Globe, found and brought to my attention by: Megan at The Cross)

Come and enjoy the spender!

It’s a perfect little farmhouse inspired getaway on the lake. The exterior is quaint; I like the little square windows and metal siding.

The staircase is the stunner in the interior. It’s warm and a bit rustic but the simplicity of the design keeps it modern and architectural. I seriously love the square windows at the landing.

The wood beams on white walls and ceilings are amazing; so full of light. The mix of a tufted (seriously, tufting is such a classic beauty), shag and mid-century modern elements showcase the simple, refined design here.

The bathroom was a very interesting choice and I love it. It is so amazing when you can take a chance with a wild pattern (this paper can also be purchased at The Cross)

Thanks for dropping by!

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