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Okay, Frank Lloyd Wright would probably roll over in his grave if he saw himself referred to as "Frankie". Lucky for me, he was cremated and his ashes have been place somewhere in the stonework of his Arizona home, Taliesin! (and it's nearly impossible for ashes to turn over).

I dragged Anders along on a tour of his house in the desert; I thought it was spectacular (turns out, he thought it was pretty cool too).

I won’t recap the entire tour (the photos tell a good story) but I will fill you in on one interesting tid-bit. Frank Lloyd Wright loved the ocean. He also loved the desert. Wright believed that the dessert looked just like the ocean floor (and at one point it was!). The whole structure is built to mimic a ship. There is a prow at the front of the property that looks as though it’s heading out to sea…tres awesome!

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  1. I really love "Frankie's" work but was he really short becaue anyopne over 6 feet will have a sore head after visiting any of his buidlings??
    Lower ceiling create a cozy space but not if you can't stand up.