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Dropped Off

I have to apologize again to all of you. I have dropped off the blogger face of the earth completely. So a few things have gone down since we I last talked:

·         I moved to a new apartment and have been trying to ‘spruce it up’ a bit with any spare time I have

·         The boy and I took a trip to Arizona/Mexico (such an amazing time)

·         We have tracked down a PUPPY! He will be joining our family early April

·         I have been bombarded with a lot of project work (Yeay! Happy dance!)

·         I have booked my trip to New York for the Kravet Design Blogger Conference. I’ll be going with my lovely friend and very talented designer Amanda Swanlund!

So those are my excuses for my absence… not good enough, I know. I will try, try to keep on top of everything. For today, how about some pictures of wild horses in Mexico? (these will soon be the inspiration for a custom art piece that my wonderful and very talented mother is going to do for our new place!)


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