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Pendant lights are an opportunity to add a little glamour or impact to your space. It’s a chance to fill the empty space in the room with an item that can be admired from all angles. It provides appropriate task light to work surfaces and can even ground a furniture arrangement. When I’m designing projects, I always make sure there is enough in the budget for some knockout pendant lighting!

This is a different approach to the kitchen island lighting; use one large globe instead of the standard sets of 2 or 3.

This glitzy chandelier is in perfect contrast to the roughness of the farmhouse dining table. This dining room is ready for glamorous diner party or a bacon-and-eggs weekend breakfast; love that!

Here is an example is a living room. Some people may be afraid to add this to their space but as you can see it adds a grounding element to the furniture and draws the eye upward. This one is HUGE and a perfect pairing with the warmth and texture in the rug.

Here are some matte-black beauties! How luxurious do these look? The gold interior reflects a nice warm light.
Photos via: Benjamin Dhong designs, Nuevo Estilo, Thomas Bucich, Vok Design Group, Elle Decor

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