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C. Wonder

While we were enjoying our first few days in New York City, we did manage a little retail therapy (you know, to fight the jetlag and homesickness etc…). We stopped in at the glorious C.Wonder store in SoHo. I absolutely loved the design of this shop. It was theatrical and bold; a shopping experience. The brand was so clearly presented in the displays; it showcased the bold product designs rather than compete with them. This would be a dream retail project to have created. 

Check it out…

Gold ceiling drop. Green patterned tile. striped lacquered walls, gilded trims, Navy Baseboards = amazing

Recessed picture frame displays, just brilliant!

Loved all the bright home goods, get ready fo summa!

Green - Lacquered - pattern overload (love) - baubles for purchase

Nice work Amanda!
 Until next time...

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