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History Humpday... The Womb Chair

The Womb Chair...

This is one of my favourites. Not only because it’s beautiful and fabulous but also because it is one of the most comfortable chairs that I have ever had the pleasure of sitting in. It was Designed by Eeron Saarinen for Knoll in 1948. The standard size chair is very large (larger than you would expect) but can be purchased in 2 smaller sizes as well. The full size, in my opinion, is the where the design intent really shines. Saarinen managed to make a large, sprawling chair feel cosy and intimate. If I had the space this item would surely be part of my own collection!

The construction is a fibreglass shell covered in upholstered foam. It also has separate cushions for the ottoman, seat and back.

It looks cozy and inviting no matter what upholstery is applied to it. This can be a statement piece or something that easily gets along with other pieces of furniture you may already have.

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