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Mad Men

I have been ever so slightly obsessed with this show. I’ve now watched all 4 seasons on Netflix and can’t wait for more! The show is set in the early 1960’s. It focuses on a group of advertisers on Madison Ave, New York that gained the nickname “Mad Men”. The story reveals the characters’ struggles in both their professional and personal lives. Too much drinking, smoking and adultery is what really adds the juice to the plot line. I like how they also included real historical events within the plot including the death of Marilyn Monroe and the shooting of Kennedy. They got it so right; the characters, the fashion and of course the set design.
The Set Design was by Bob Shaw, Amy Wells and Christopher Brown. Apparently a lot of the items are actual vintage pieces from the time, some are replicas and some pieces are products still in production today.
Here are some photos of the design and fashion from the set...

Draper Kitchen (even the food on the shelves is period appropriate)

Draper House

Draper Kitchen

Draper Living Room

Don Draper's Desk

Set designers carefuly picking out details

Don Draper

Betty Draper's Fashion

Joan Harris

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