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Seattle Architecture...

What a pretty City. I just spend 3 days there and had a chance to take in some of the architecture and design.
The Experience Music Project Building designed by Frank Gehry is always a standout. The very visible “deconstruction” style building opened in year 2000. It manages to look different every time I see it depending on how the light is being reflected off its many surfaces. It’s a stunner and very progressive design for a West Coast, North American city like Seattle.

We stayed across from the Seattle Central Library. This building was designed by Architects Rem Koolhaas and Joshua Prince-Ramus of OMA/LMN. It was opened in 2004. The new library was built on the same site as the historic library, The Carnegie Library.

 This building was designed 1st by function, form simply followed to create the unique structure. The building was voted number 108 by the American Institute of Architects’ list of Americans Favorite Structures in the US but was later critiqued by Lawrence Cheek of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer as being “confusing, impersonal, uncomfortable [and] oppressive”.

I think the uncomfortable angles and impossible cantilevers create a daunting attraction that can’t be ignored. This is a standout piece in the middle of a relatively conservative city; I like the controversy.
What are your Thoughts?

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