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Office Space

If I’m going to spend a lot of time here I’d better make it pretty! Now the idea of working is to make money so I didn’t go out and blow a tone of cash on my office but a few little accents and a wash of paint can make a space inspiring, organized and a pleasure to spend long nights working in.
A nice place to sit down with clients

The future location of a soon to be refurbished side board.

How I got here...
IKEA is my friend when it comes to an organized office. The Expedit shelf is marvellous to organize design magazines, samples and resource books. I decided to go with the white finish. I used an IKEA Table top with feminine metal legs, between the bookshelf and the desk I suspended another table top. I now have room to work on my computer, space to lay out samples and even more room to do sketches and renderings. I used a $30 Rug from IKEA (amazing price) to keep the space feeling cozy.

Tons of storage and large work surfaces

A bright space for working

A place for all the magazines

Keeping supplies organized and on-hand

Personal touches of things that inspire me

Mix pretty with practical

Painting the walls a warm gold color (Benjamin Moore Stuart Gold HC-10) added warmth and a contrast with all of the existing black trim and floor. I pulled this color from two flower prints I already had.  I used these two prints to ground a small meeting or reading area. The chairs here were found at a thrift shop and then reupholstered in dark grey wool.  The existing light in this room are old recessed fluorescents. I opted to keep those lights off and instead use multiple lamps placed throughout the office where needed. Plants were the final touch here. I little bit of nature can go a long way!
Pulling the paint color from a piece of art will make it pop!

Shiny objects add a little glamour

Reef, the Office Dog, putting in some long hours

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  1. If my office could only look that good! Ah the joy of being your own boss :)