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Balancing Act

This residence has a very fine balance between feminine and masculine that I find very appealing. There is an overall softness to these two interior spaces designed by Architects Janson Goldstein.
The deep colours are not over-baring or too dark, but instead they have hit the right tone to create a misty ambience that is subdued and restful.  The cocktail tables in the living space make an absolute statement in the room. They add a visual softness to an otherwise ridged vignette. One is made from teak and the two in the foreground are made from slabs of selenite.  The symmetry of the windows and the two sofas creates a comfortable ease that is still slightly formal.
The Library looking through to the living space is a room I could die for (and definitely inspiration for my sister and brother-in-law’s new place). I adore all the organized chaos and appreciate everything having its place. I also love the way the bookshelves frame the next room as if it were a piece of art or a view from a window.

Photo from: Architectural Digest