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History Humpday

Sorry I have missed a few “History Humpdays” but we’re back in business now with...

The Corbusier Chaise Lounge!

This chair most definitely deserves a spot among the great Mid Century Iconic Chairs. Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris (aka Le Corbusier) designed the lounge in 1927. The chair is hand built in Italy; it is constructed from a tubular steel frame and a black steel base. The seat itself is upholstered in leather or pony hair and supported by 57 spring bands. The function and movement of this chair is what sets it apart. The metal tubes can slide along the frame to create varied seating on lounging positions. It has apparently been renamed the Psychiatrist’s Therapy Chair since it allows for the body’s most heightened relaxation. Looks Comfy!

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